In our continuation of the conversation we had with Frank Glover we explore even more of his amazing music. We cover music from his albums “mīm” and “Tones for the Boatman”.

“mīm” (pronounced as ‘mime’) is for jazz quartet, string quartet and marimba. It features Frank Glover on clarinet, Chris Parker on drums, Zach Lapidus on piano, and Nick Tucker on bass. Jon Crabiel plays the marimba. The string quartet is composed of Zach DePue, Peter Vickery violins, Kathy Hershberger viola, and Andre Gaskins on cello. I, Richard Dole, conducted the session.

“Tones for the Boatman” is a compilation of music recorded by Frank and pianist Claude Sifferlin through the years. If you’ve had the pleasure of hearing them live, then this album will bring back a lot of visceral memories! If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing them live, then you are in for a treat. Prepare yourselves, you are about to get blown away!

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