Have You Heard

Talking About and Listening to Jazz


Since 2005 Have You Heard (HYH) has been a staple of original programming on WICR 88.7fm in Indianapolis, Indiana. Each week HYH brings focus to national, local, or historical jazz artists through compelling conversation, storytelling, or interviews.

Originally hosted by Richard Dole and Jack Helsley (now Dr. Jack Helsley), HYH began as an opportunity for local musicians to showcase their music and talk about their musical influences. Richard and Jack, both professional musicians, felt that having professional musicians talking with other professional jazz playing musicians would make for a compelling radio show. They were right! Through the years, the show has moved into the national realm of interviewing jazz artists from around the country. Always interweaving humor into the show, HYH is still as compelling, thought provoking, and pleasantly educational as ever.

In 2013, Jack Helsley moved with his wife, hornist Peggy, to Oklahoma City, OK. Matthew Altizer, a frequent guest host for the show, became the full-time co-host with Richard Dole. Matthew brings a unique perspective to the show as his musical studies and listening habits are vast and cover many areas that hadn’t been explored for many years on the show.

Matthew Altizer and Richard Dole can be heard every Wednesday night on WICR 88.7fm at 9pm in Indianapolis, Indiana. For out of town listening you can LISTEN LIVE (www.wicronline.org), through iHeart Radio, Tune-In Radio, iTunes Radio, and other online radio sites. For any shows that have been missed, most are archived on the Have You Heard site.

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