On this engaging episode of ‘Have You Heard’ we play the music of the one and only Billie Holiday. Not that anyone needs an excuse to play Billie Holiday, but we have a great excuse anyway! Starting March 13th and running through April 7th, The Fonseca Theatre  Company will be putting on the show,  “Lady Day @ Emerson’s Bar and Grill” at the Linebacker Lounge at 2631 W. Michigan Street. The performance schedule is as follows:



Wednesdays & Thursdays: 7pm

Saturdays: 4 and 8pm

We sit down with ‘friend of the show’ Tim Brickley to talk about the show, the music and his long time collaboration with producer, Brian Fonseca. The show is directed by Dena Toler and features Monica Cantrell as Billie Holiday. Check out this video for more info and head to Fonseca Theatre for tickets! Hope to see you there!