A few years ago Mark Ortwein (bassoonist with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and all around great reed-man) gave my name to a guy who, and I quote, “writes some crazy great music and records/produces it from his house. I thought you’d be down with it, so I gave him your number.” Sure enough, ‘the guy’ called me and before I knew it I was doing a session in the living room of Bubba Fontaine.

Bubba, not his real name, writes some pretty intricate and very entertaining music and he finds some of the best musicians around to pull it off. I didn’t know what to expect when I first arrived with my trombones in tow. When I sat down to play, I was really amazed at the quality and professionalism of the living room session…and the music was killin’!

This new album, Robots of Gaia, is a solid, complete album. One tunes leads the listener into the next tune as a narrative unfolds about our friend, Cerafin the Robot. One could be forgiven if they think a tune sounds like a Frank Zappa, Beastie Boys, Tame Impala, or Gorillaz track they somehow missed, but all these influencers are the foundation of the music composed by Bubba Fontaine.

On this show we play an eclectic assortment of music, and we have a really fun conversation with Bubba as he shares some insights into how he finds the time to write, record, and produce this complicated music in his home!

The band was getting geared up for this release and hankering to actually all play together in actual venues when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, so no public performances have happened…yet.

Keep your eyes open for Bubba Fointaine, featuring:

Mark Ortwein – bassoon and tenor saxophone
Barb Kaufman – clarinet and alto sax
Richard Dole – tenor and bass trombones
Bubba – guitar and keyboard
Lyndsey Stringer – vocal
Siegers Rodriguez – vocal
Aaron Ross – vocal
Sean France – drums
Nate Gray – bass