Miguel Zenon (photo by Noah Shaye)

Miguel Zenón has a new album out and it is good! El Arte Del Bolero is an album Miguel recorded with pianist Luis Perdomo in September 2020 at The Jazz Gallery in New York City. The music was put together after an impromptu conversation with Luis. Zenón and Perdomo grew up with these tunes. The music was a part of their upbringing, which is why such beautiful, groovy and calming music was created with nothing more than a quick conversation about some of the musical details (form, key, etc).

A duo setting with two masters is nothing short of a reality altering experience. Please do yourself a favor and find this album El Arte Del Bolero on Miguel’s Bandcamp page: https://miguelzenon.bandcamp.com/

Louis Perdomo (photo by Myo Campbell)

On this episode we play a couple of tracks from the new album, but we also revisit some of our favorite cuts from previous albums. Miguel has such an incredible alto saxophone sound and he simply sings through the horn. His musicality is outstanding and the music flows right into your soul.

Tunes played this episode (clicking the album titles will bring you to Miguel’s Bandcamp page):

  1. “Típico” – from the 2016 album Típico
  2. “Cómo Fue” – from El Arte Del Bolero
  3. “La Gata Montesa” – from the Grammy nominated 2019 album, Sonero: The Music of Ismael Rivera
  4. Part 1 of our interview with Miguel
  5. “Juguete” – from El Arte Del Bolero

To find out more about Miguel Zenón and his music, please click here to visit his website.

To find out more about pianist Luis Perdomo and his music, please click here to visit his website.

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