Michael Beck was the drummer/percussionist for prog-rock band “Happy The Man” back in the 70’s. His ability to add all sorts of unique sounds to that band has followed him throughout his career. Michael currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana where he plays in various groups with a plethora or diverse percussion instruments. Full Disclosure, Michael Beck and co-host Richard Dole play music often together in the Red Hot Whisky Sippers and their own band, the DoleBecks.

Besides playing lots of different percussion instruments in various groups around town, Michael Beck owns his own Music Booking Company (www.AndersonBeck.com). He is a dynamic musician and can be heard on the album Zeitgeist by Frank Wyatt and the many different albums by the Indianapolis party band “Dog Talk”.

All the music on this episode is from the album Happy The Man, by the band “Happy The Man”.