All of Frank’s music can be purchased directly from his website or on Bandcamp

Being in Indianapolis we are constantly hearing incredible original music by spectacular jazz musicians. Maybe it’s easy to get spoiled about all of the great talent that surrounds us, but we really try to keep things in perspective. We have to remind ourselves just how lucky we are to be in this artistic and creative community

Our guest on this special DOUBLE episode of Have You Heard is the amazingly hard working composer and clarinetist Frank Glover. THIS is the guy people must check out when they come through Indianapolis. THIS is the guy everybody wants to hear play and work with.

During the pandemic Frank has been, and this term is not used lightly, prolific with his creative output. In the first episode with Frank we feature the music from his album BLACK DRAGON. Frank is one of the most inventive and thoughtful clarinetists and composers, and BLACK DRAGON displays his ability as both:

HYH Podcast #66: Frank Glover, BLACK DRAGON

Our second episode features Tertium Organum, an album Frank put together at home using the program Logic and recorded tracks people sent in to him. I can visualize Frank at home sending out instructions to players all over the country, telling them when to record and in what context they will be playing, then like beings that have an insatiable desire to get back home, these recordings arrive to Frank like some unknown and unseen migration. He then, in his genius, puts everything together to create this incredible album.

HYH Podcast #67: Frank Glover, tertium organum

All of Frank’s music can be purchased directly from his website or on Bandcamp.