Rufus Reid Trio: Rufus – bass, Steve Allee – piano, Duduka Da Fonseca – drums

Steve Allee has been a good friend of the show for many years. This show is from 2013 and we feature music from Out Front by the great Rufus Reid. Steve Allee plays with Rufus quite a bit.



Indianapolis has a very deep, vibrant and healthy jazz history and scene today. Steve is a classic example of this healthy scene. He has been playing in Indy and the region for decades, has his own recording studio, composes and arranges music for every group imaginable and is also on the national stage. I get the feeling that sometimes in these smaller scenes like Indianapolis, we can take for granted the wonderful talent we have access to. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I simply mean that on any given night one can head out on the town and hear some pretty amazing musicians for next to nothing. These same musicians then head out to NYC or Philly or Chicago and people are paying top dollar to hear them. Maybe it’s easy to get complacent here simply because the scene is so deep. The bottom line is, we are lucky and need to celebrate the richness of the Indianapolis (and surrounding region) scene.


Steve’s playing on this album exemplifies his musicality, technique, writing ability and flow. He always sounds so effortless whether he is playing a written line, comping, or soloing.