This is an exciting band!

I love bands that combine good music with good entertainment. There is a balance there that not many bands achieve. Some groups are too heady and intellectual, others all flash and no substance. There is nothing wrong with intellectual music, or flashy entertainment. It’s just that combining them the right way is hard to do.

Sammy Miller & The Congregation successfully blend these two worlds. As you can tell while listening to our conversation and their music, these guys have fun no matter what they’re doing!

David Linard

Sammy Mill & The Congregation did a midwest tour in 2015 and Matthew and I were able to talk with them while they were on the road before their stop in Indianapolis. Our friend David Linard (piano) plays with the band so we were able to catch up with him as well. Many of you will remember David in Indianapolis playing at The Chatterbox and The Jazz Kitchen to much acclaim. He was an audience favorite while he was here. He’s gone off to NYC, studying at Juilliard School of Music and clearly having some success playing in the city!

This was a fun interview and I hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did recording it!