This is a new series of the podcast here at Have You Heard.

If you’ve been perusing our offerings you can see that we have mainly interviews with jazz musicians. Our radio show ‘Have You Heard’ which airs every Wednesday at 9pm on WICR 88.7fm in Indianapolis is a jazz interview show. However, when interviewing these musicians I have been struck by how differently each person went about making their career work.

So I thought, why don’t I start a podcast talking specifically talking about What It Takes to ‘make it’ in the music industry. Then I though, why stop with the music industry? I can talk to people engaged in any artistic endeavor and I bet those conversations will not only be entertaining, but valuable.


To start off this podcast, I spoke with my friend Aaron Romm. He currently resides in Florida where he plays the trumpet, teaches, does voice over work, and a bunch of various other activities in order for him to piece together a living.