Every now and then you meet somebody who you think really belongs to a different era. Well, the first time I heard Mitch Shiner play with a big band, I thought that this 21 year kid sounded like he was straight from the 50’s! Mitch is an old soul, but don’t let that trick you into thinking he isn’t keeping currant with the jazz scene today!

Mitch is currently living in Milwaukee, WI. Before he moved there he was active in the scene in Indianapolis as a vibraphonist, drummer, composer, and arranger. We were sad to see Mitch go, but happy that he is doing so well in Milwaukee.

album-cover-flyWe did this interview right before he left town, but that didn’t stop us from playing his small group bootleg recordings, or his music from his incredible big band album ‘Fly’!

For more information about what he is up to (he’s quite busy up north), check out his website by clicking here.