I know Matthew is not a huge fan of the holiday music, and quite frankly, I’m not WAY into it myself, but every now and then, something comes across my radar that I truly enjoy. I think the holiday music we both enjoy is music that can be listened to at anytime through the year.

Do we?

No we don’t.

But that is what makes these albums of Holiday Music so special!

As I was checking out the albums on the Matthew ‘approved’ 7 Albums of Christmas, I took at look at my own collection. I realized I had quite a few brass and trombone related Holiday Albums that I though I would share some them with you for the holidays!

This podcast features the music from:




“The Holly & The Ivy” by the Montclair Citadel Band, featuring Jim Pugh on trombone







“Trombones Under the Tree”, featuring Joseph Alessi, Mark H. Lawrence, Carl Lenthe, and M. Dee Stewart, all on trombone







“Trombone Ornaments”, featuring M. Dee Stewart & Fabio Sampo on trombones





I hope you enjoy this festive and Brassy Holiday Music!