When I started the What It Takes podcast within the Have You Heard podcast, my intention was to talk with many different artists as I could. Of course, since I live in the world of music, many people I have spoken with, or will talk to reside well within the music world. This conversation steps out of that world and into the world of theater.

ryan-north-headshotRyan North and I went to High School together more than one decade ago! After High School we went our separate ways. My life led me to Indiana University and ultimately Indianapolis studying and playing music. His life led him to Illinois State University and ultimately Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN studying and working in the theater world.

I know little about the acting/theater world, but Ryan and I were able to relate on many topics and issues that both careers must deal with.



In the Spring of 2017, Ryan and his wife Tina will be opening a theater in St. Paul Minnesota called the North Garden Theater. They have been renovating this historic downtown building and soon it will be the toast of the town!

Ryan and Tina also run a wonderful Eco-friendly shop called Moss-Envy. They have their hands in a little bit of everything to pull it all together!


For more information about Ryan, Moss-Envy and the North Garden Theater clink these links:




Ryan Paul North

North Garden Theater