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Steve Allee and Scott Belck are two of the best players in the mid-west, if not the nation. They are the reason why, musically speaking, Indianapolis and Cincinnati are not ‘fly-over’ cities at all. Indy and Cincy are destination cities when considering musicians like Steve and Scott.

ITG2015 - SaturdayThe pairing of these two makes sense in many ways. They each have superior writing skills. They know how to write for a large or small group. Their music is very enjoyable and accessible to everyone that may listen. Beyond that, both Scott and Steve are spectacularly nice people and a pure joy to hang around with and talk to!

On Saturday April 7th, The Jazz Kitchen will be celebrating their 24th Anniversary and the Steve Allee Big Band will be on hand as it has been 23 previous years. The bulk of the musicians on the album ‘For Real’ by the Steve Allee/Scott Belk Sextet will be members of the band.


Please enjoy this episode of Have You Heard and let us know what you think of their playing and if you will be attending Saturday night for the 24th Anniversary of The Jazz Kitchen! If you are, come on up and say, “hello”!

For Real by the Steve Allee/Scott Belck Sextet

Steve Allee – Fender Rhodes electric piano
Scott Belck – trumpet
Andrew Bishop – tenor saxophone and bass clarinet
Sandy Williams – guitar
Jeremy Allen – electric bass
Steve Houghton – drums