He did it again!

charlie ballantine 1
photo by Mark Sheldon

Charlie Ballantine tripped on the sidewalk and fell into the recording studio and when he tumbled out, he had his…

…wait four it…

FOURTH album in FOUR years!!!

album cover


This album, ‘Life Is Brief: The Music of Bob Dylan’ is such a fun album! The players are all wonderful, the arranging is top-notch, and the tune choice is varied enough that the listener will always be entertained!

Charlie and AmandaWe had the opportunity to sit down with Charlie and talk about this album and we had a great time digging into his history with this music.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with and the music of Charlie Ballantine!


Life Is Brief: The Music of Bob Dylan

Charlie Ballantine – guitar
Jesse Wittman – bass
Chris Parker – drums
Amanda Gardier – alto sax
Rob Dixon – tenor sax
Shawn McGowan – organ
Mina Keohane – vocal/organ
Brandon Why – acoustic guitar/vocal