xmas tree 1

Music, music, and more music. There is something about music that touches the soul, makes your brain stronger, and gives your feet some exercise. And then there is Christmas/Holiday music, which is also there to tug at the heartstrings of your childhood memories of believing in Santa and eating 10,000 calories-worth of cookies in one night. There’s something in that foggy memory of yours that also hearkens back to the smells of Christmas trees (both real and plastic) and the sights of snowmen  just waiting for you to come play with them.

Well here we go, it’s now time for Richard and Matthew to share some of the tunes that they are digging (as much as anyone can dig holiday music, so says Matthew). Enjoy a list that includes the wonderful Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchestra, Sharon Jones and the DapKings, and others.

So sit back with your favorite egg nog while you watch the yule log burn and let the ear candy flow over you.

yule log