walkabout large album

A great friend to the show, a great friend of mine, a great friend to Indy, and a great friend to all he meets, Carl Poposki is the feature sound for this podcast!

Carl is a great trombone player, writer, arranger, hanger, story-teller, and everything in-between! This, his first album, “Walkabout” is a collection of fun well written tunes that capture the spirit of Carl.

Carl and I have a great conversation as we talk about how he spent his time after leaving Indianapolis and we catch up with all of his happenings today down in  Dallas/Ft.Worth TX.

You’ll love this record, Carl, and all it has to offer!


butler trombone logo

Oh, by the way, you’re not seeing things…that trombone Carl is playing in the picture above is indeed black, and it isn’t metal. It’s carbon fiber!! It’s called a Butler Trombone and it’s made by David Butler! Check them out!!



carl and dave butler
Carl Poposki and David Butler with their carbon fiber BUTLER TROMBONES!