jim and glen

We continue my interview with trombonist Jim Pugh on this episode by exploring some incredible music from 2 albums. The first album we pull from is titled, “The Devils Hopyard” by the band TromBari! As you can tell from the groups name, the band is fronted by Trombone and Baritone Sax.


This is some great music that is played at a very high level. The weaving of the various lines and the unusual instrumental lineup makes this album one of my favorites! Beautiful playing all around!

blanton 8

And speaking of beautiful playing, least we not forget the album we play to round out this weeks show. “Eight” by trumpeter Walter Blanton is another album that I’ll have to keep in my rotation for quite a while. We end the show with track 2 (titled ‘2’) and the duo piece titled “Sonata”. I find it hard to ascertain where the written material ends and the improvisation begins. Walter’s trumpet playing is very complimentary to Jim’s trombone playing…or is it the other way around? The album is very democratic in distributing the lead or dominate voice.

Next time we’ll finish our interview with Jim and we’ll continue to listen to music from Jim’s entire career! (Check out the third and final installment with Jim Pugh by clicking…THIS!)

Did you miss our first show with Jim? No worries, here IT IS!

What trombone does Jim play?
B.A.C. Musical Instruments

What equipment does he use?
Monette mouthpieces
Facet Mutes (sadly no longer in business, but these mutes are incredible!)