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This is our final installment of the fun talk we had with the amazing Jim Pugh. In this show we feature some really great questions from a few of our listeners. They asked about his time with Woody Herman, Steely Dan, and a great question from Mike Kessler about how the jazz scene has changed with the proliferation of graduates from college jazz programs.

Jim tackles some big topics and we hang on for the ride.

We once again play music from his days in the Woody Herman Orchestra, some great cuts from  “The Devils Hopyard” by ‘TromBari’, and “Eight” by Walter Blanton. We end, how could we not, with a fun tune by Steely Dan.

Did you miss our previous two shows with Jim Pugh? Have no fear, click here (Jim Pugh #1), and here (Jim Pugh #2)

Was there anything we didn’t cover in our talk with Jim? He’s now an official ‘friend of the show’, so we’ll have plenty of opportunities to talk with him in the future. Let us know what YOU want to know and keep checking back here for future installments with Jim Pugh!

What trombone does Jim play?
B.A.C. Musical Instruments

What equipment does he use?
Monette mouthpieces
Facet Mutes (sadly no longer in business, but these mutes are incredible!)

jim playing
Chris Brown Photography 2006

~ Rich