Henri TexierI always love finding new artists and I’m not the only person to think that. We all love finding new artists. That is one of the great things about music, and the reason we have this radio show and humble website.

So one of these artists I keep coming back to is the French bassist Henri Texier, best known for his work with Don Cherry, Joe Lavano, Steve Swallow, Chet Baker, and a few others, especially ex-pats. But it’s still a name most people probably don’t know. I think that is a shame. I love his music.

I seriously love loving his music. If I am listening to music on Spotify, I know specifically when Henri Texier comes on. Not because I know all of his music, but because his sound, compositions, and recordings sound the like him and no one else. Again, not a concept new to jazz nor music as a whole. He sounds good and his harmonic qualities are superb and gentle in a way; like walking into a warm sauna and realizing you are the only one there, so you just strip down and relax with not a care in the world. His solos on the bass hit all this right notes and expand the harmonies in a way that feels right. His music makes me relax and smile…something I probably should do more of.

Of course, the music also obviously has that European jazz tinge to it….something that makes it sound different than us American’s and our jazz. Smarter, more studied people could explain this to you and I, but let’s just leave it in the ether and enjoy the music. Hopefully Rich and I can soon do a show on Henri Texier and introduce more of our radio family to his music. But for now, let’s just enjoy his music from Spotify. (Skip past the first track as it is a remix of one of his popular tunes….you should just listen to the original and not waste time on the remix). Definitely check out track 4, probably the first Henri Texier tune I checked out. The vocals fit perfectly with his bass.

So tell us what you think of his music. What other bassists around the world do you feel deserves more attention?