connie at piano

This ‘shelter-in-place’ pandemic is truly awful. It is hard and relentless. Musicians in any genre from all over the world rely and thrive on performing in front of a live audience, and that simply isn’t possible in the current situation in which we find ourselves.

Every cloud, however, has a silver lining.

One very small (selfish) silver lining for this radio show is that many of the great jazz players who are normally out there playing, recording, writing, and practicing now have ample time on their hands and have been more than willing to talk with us!

Our silver lining benefits all of you!

cover Connie Han - Iron StarletThis week we get to share with you the music of pianist, composer, and all around bad-a$$ person, Connie Han! We sat down with her (across three different time zones) and talked about her newest album Iron Starlet coming out June 12th,  her historical perspective of jazz, and her musical background. All in all it was a very engaging and enlightening conversation.

We will definitely be hearing some really amazing music from Connie in the future, and hopefully when she gets more popular and famous, she’ll still talk to us about all the great things she will be doing!


Want to hear more of Connie? Well, head on over to the Connie Han FaceBook Page to keep in the loop about some upcoming ‘Quarantine Concerts’. While you’re at it, head on over to her webpage ( and check out some great live performances!