Aaron Diehl is known around the Indianapolis area as the winner of the 2011American Pianists Association Cole Porter Fellowship. His performances were memorable that year even with a stellar group of pianists as his competition. His unique style of combining classical and jazz sensibilities kept me guessing which style was the most dominant. His ability to make the piano sing struck me the most that year and his collaborative spirit lifted the room when performing with Dee Dee Bridgewater.

6_AaronDiehl-800x800Aaron’s new album “The Vagabond” continues his merging of classical and jazz piano techniques and is a rare bright spot in what is turning out to be a pretty dismal 2020. The fire and energy in the album can uplift and bring a smile to faces to all who listen to it. This trio album features music by Aaron, Sergei Prokofiev, Philip Glass and features Paul Sikivie on bass, and the always fiery and musical Gregory Hutchinson on drums.

We had a great conversation with Aaron. He is what I’ve come to expect from the younger jazz musicians. He’s well versed in the tradition, but deep into what is happening now. One could forgive someone as hard working and productive as Aaron for being too busy to talk to two guys from Indy, but we don’t have to forgive anything. Aaron is just a super down to earth nice guy and more than happy to talk with us about music!

aaron diehlI’m looking forward to all the new projects and albums Aaron has coming up in the near (and distant) future. His career is just getting started, and he’s already accomplished so much!