Here is our second installation of the Happenstance + Coincidence = 2 Great Radio Shows with our show on the great Manny Albam. As we stated in the previous show (HYH Podcast #72: Ralph Burns 100th Birthday) we were fortunate enough to speak with Jim Pugh who, not only answers the phone when we call, he worked A LOT with Ralph and Manny.

Rich Dole has been fortunate enough to play in Jim Pugh’s big band at the University of Illinois, and has played a handful of incredible Manny Albam charts. This music is just wonderful by itself, but knowing there is a personal connection there through Jim makes the music all the more special.

We hope you enjoy the music of Manny Albam. (Click 100th Birthday show for Ralph Burns w/Jim Pugh if you missed that show, or just want to listen to it again!)

Manny Albam 100th Birthday w/Special Guest Jim Pugh

Chris Brown Photography 2006

Jim Pugh was gracious enough to spend some time with us talking about Ralph and Manny. Jim was on the road at the time we recorded these shows in an undisclosed location…somewhere. We’re always amazed at Jim’s depth of career and even though we know him well, we love learning more about him and his storied experiences.

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