This episode has a few specialties attached to the show that need to be mentioned. Firstly, Matthew and I, Rich Dole, were in the same room while we recorded! Secondly, this is our FIRST show recorded out of state! Thirdly, our special guest Tito Carrillo was sitting with us in the aforementioned room. And lastly, we recorded this in an open session so we had some friends popping in and out listening to our conversation and the great music!

Tito’s new album “Urbanessence” is a spectacular record. You MUST check it out. If you dig it, and I know you will, head on over to Tito’s website ( and throw him your hard earned money! (You can also head over to BandCamp: Tito Carrillo and purchase a copy of the album there.) You will NOT be disappointed!

While you’re at it, go subscribe to Tito’s YouTube page! Lots of valuable information for all!

Thank you to Tito for spending his afternoon talking with us and sharing his music with us. Thank you to Matthew Altizer for driving across state lines into Illinois to record this live show. And finally, Thank you to all the people to hung around, stopped in, or just looked curiously at our recording scene! We loved it and think we’ll try to do more LIVE shows in the future!