Well folks, it’s been a long time coming! The Gennett Suite by Brent Wallarab played by the Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchestra has arrived. We first had a glimpse of this piece way back in the mid-2000s. Several years later you may have heard a portion of this Suite as part of the Jazz Orchestra’s Indiana History Center concert series…but you ain’t heard nothing yet!

First and foremost, there are album release shows coming up that you should know about:

April 30th 6pm and 8:30pm sets at The Jazz Kitchen the first show is SOLD OUT, but there are tickets left for 8:30pm.

On this episode of Have You Heard we play a few tracks from this new album and we have a great conversation with co-leaders Mark Buselli and Brent Wallarab.

We didn’t get to list all the amazing players that contributed their time and effort to the project so I’d like to list them here you so you know who you are listening to:

Greg Ward, soprano and alto
Amanda Gardier, alto
Tom Walsh, tenor and flute
Todd Williams, tenor
Ned Boyd, baritone

Clark Hunt, lead
Jeff Conrad
Scott Belck
Mark Buselli
John Raymond
Jeff Parker

Tim Coffman, lead
Andrew Danforth
Demondrae Thurman
Rich Dole, bass trombone

Luke Gillespie

Geremy Allen

Sean Dobbins