We always enjoy interviewing friends of ours, especially friends that have worked so hard to make the Indianapolis music scene what it is today.

But a real special treat is when we get to interview friends that make the Indianapolis scene what it is today AND are avid listeners of the show! Our guest this week is multi-instrumentalist Mark Ortwein, who generally emails or texts us about a show he heard on WICR 88.7fm, or found right here on our website.

Many of our dear readers and listeners will undoubtedly be familiar with Mark Ortwein. You may know him as a bassoonist in the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. You may know him as the previous owner of Grove House in Fountain Square. You may know him for the various gigs he plays around town on tenor or alto sax. Or you may know him for his distinctive look.

photo by Mark Sheldon

No matter HOW you know Mark Ortwein, we are sure that this album will bring you hours of listening pleasure! From moody string writing by Frank Glover, to groovy funk originals, this album has it all!

In addition to the great writing there are some great players on this album:

  • Mark Ortwein – bass clarinet, tenor sax, Electrified bassoon, bari sax, flute, clarinet, alto sax, soprano sax
  • Olas Ortwein – bass/fretless bass
  • Peter Hanson – bass
  • Francis Wyatt – drums
  • Craig Hetrick – drums
  • Carrington Clinton – drums
  • Johnny Colcannon – drums
  • Jon Crabbier – percussion
  • John Fell – guitar
  • Gary Walters – piano
  • Paul Langford – piano
  • Pavel Polanco-Safadit – piano
  • Kenny Rampton – trumpet
  • Josh Kaufman – vocals

We hope you enjoy this music and have as much fun listening to our conversation with Mark as we did putting this show together!