GW 1

I always love the chance to talk with Gary Walters. We have a kindred spirit that runs deep. We share the same sense of humor, similar tastes in music, and even share a birthDATE. As the social distancing stretches on, the opportunity to talk with good friends is something I’ll not pass up.

Once I got the technology nailed down to record audio from internet calls (it doesn’t take much to confuse me), the conversation was great! Lots of laughter, some serious talk, and Gary even played a tune!

It was great catching up with Gary and listening to his music on this FIRST episode of our INDY EDITION podcast. Although we posted shows with other Indy artist before this one, the conversation with Gary (along with the new intro and outro) was recorded before the Pat Petrus and Mark Buselli shows. (Check those out too! Lots of great music happening here in Indianapolis!)

Welcome to the HYH Podcast Indy Edition!

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