Crossroads 2

The Crossroads Quintet is a group made up of graduate students from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. They are from all over the country and world, but met within the first month of their studies in Bloomington, IN. They have been writing and rehearsing together nearly every single week for 2 years. This album, Intertwined, is the product of those two years.

Intertwined Front Cover
Intertwined release date: May, 8th 2020

Every member of the group contributed a tune (or two) for the album. They all know each others playing well enough now that each composer can write specific parts for THE PERSON not just THE INSTRUMENT to elicit the best cohesive sound on each tune.

On this episode we spoke with trumpeter, composer/arranger Zach Finnegan and he shed some insight into this group, the recording, and where everybody is currently sheltering in place.

Crossroads Quintet:

Zach Finnegan – trumpet
Tyler Bauer – Saxophone
Austin Thomas – Piano
Brendan Keller-Tuberg – Bass
Jameson Scriver – Drums

Crossroads 3
Crossroads Quintet