Kurt Elling is a world class performer and artist. On top of that, he’s a spectacularly nice man who gave up time out of his ‘Forced Vacation’ to talk with us.

kurt danilo
Danilo Pérez and Kurt Elling


Kurt Elling’s new album featuring pianist Danilo Pérez, Secrets Are the Best Stories, is a beautiful, deep, compassionate, and adventurous piece of art. From subtle to high energy, this album covers all the bases without giving up anything on the music side of things. Every note has purpose, every phrase has direction.

We had a great time preparing for and speaking with Mr. (Grammy Award winning vocalist) Kurt Elling. We hope you enjoy this album (and our conversation with Mr. Elling) as much as we have!



Kurt Elling: Voice
Danilo Pérez: Piano, Rhodes
Clark Sommers: Bass
Johnathan Blake: Drums
Rogerio Boccato: Percussion
Román Díaz: Percussion (Track 2)
Miguel Zenón: Alto Saxophone
Chico Pinheiro: Guitar