We had a great time catching up with Joe for this installment of HYH Indy Edition. Years ago, guitarist Joe Filipow was hanging at all the spots around Indy, then he went off on a world wide romp playing, producing, writing music, and DJ’ing. Joe thankfully made it back before everything got shut down, and now he’s residing back in Indiana and we’re happy to share his music with you.

His new album (released January 2020) Dubwise is a trip around the world and the Joseph Filipow Trio is our guide. This music has been aptly described as “Feel Good Funk” and I couldn’t agree more!

For more information about Joe and his adventures, check out his website: www.filipowmusic.com

Album Personnel:

Joseph Filipow – guitar/vocals
Peter Brown – Bass
Andrew Kirk – Drums
Ravi Poliah – piano
Rob Dixon – sax
Tash Melody – vox
Mad Doctor Music (D Mack) – vox